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About the TSC

The Texas Success Center (TSC) benefits from the capacity of TACC to plan and deliver services to its member colleges.  To achieve success in our mission, TSC staff, with guidance from the Center's Advisory Board and Leadership Teams, the resources and leadership of our funders, and the support from the Texas Student Success Council, will develop and implement a plan to align success initiatives, accelerate the learning and adoption of proven or evidence-based initiatives, and advocate for policies that support the success agenda in the legislature and relevant state agencies.


Advisory Board


TACC has developed its student success campaign around a 5-point plan based on key policy issues: Workforce and Skills Alignment; Measuring and Funding Success; College Readiness; Transfer and Articulation; and Texans in Community Colleges. By aligning the work on these issues, the TSC will address the most significant and pressing challenges that have been identified as barriers to student success.

The TSC is advised by a group of highly-regarded educational practitioners and researchers who help to set our strategic vision and direction--and, to provide practical advice on advancing the TSC's efforts.

The TSC is funded through generous support from the Houston Endownment, Greater Texas Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, the Meadows Foundation, and TG.

Texas Student Success Council

Leadership Teams

TSC Staff

The TSC has engaged in a strategic alliance with the Texas Student Success Council (TSSC), managed by Educate Texas, for policy engagement and advocacy work. The TSSC is composed of key leaders from fields of education, politics, philanthropy, business, and government.

Leadership Teams are bringing together key players to reach consensus and identify policy issues for institutional, state, or national policy changes to permit implementation of strategic policy change at scale.  Recommendations on issues will be shared with the TSSC and TACC for their consideration and deliberation on steps to advocate for or to enact the necessary policy changes to support the innovation and success strategies identified by the TSC.

The TSC has a small and highly-dedicated staff, which endeavors to enhance staffing capacity through the use of Leadership Teams composed of expert practitioners and researchers--and, through strategic collaborations with key partners.