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Leadership Teams

Leadership Teams serve to bring practitioners and experts together to bring coherence to the myriad efforts underway in five key areas supported by relevant professional development.

Team One:
College Readiness

Team Two:
Measuring & Funding Success

Team Three:
Transfer & Articulation

It is imperative for K-12 schools to implement a college-ready curriculum to prepare students for more intensive educational demands.  For those students not entering college-ready, effective, efficient, and accelerated pathways are needed to achieve college readiness.

Current data reported by community colleges do not entirely represent performance.  It is important to have metrics that accurately gauge how institutions are meeting multiple objectives.

It should be easier for students to make a seamless transition from a community college to a college or university. Currently, varied requriements at colleges and universities make this process complex, posting a barrier to matriculation and continued success.

Team Four:
Texans in Community Colleges

Professional Development

Team Five:
Workforce & Skills Alignment

Community colleges offer an array of educational opportunties for a variety of students at all skill levels.  Policies should be developed to address the needs of different population groups to enhance their unique abilities and ensure success.

To implement policy ideas we will need to build momentum among college trustees, administrators, and faculty members.  A robust approach to professional development is an integral part of the TSC's work.

Texas community colleges are educating students and building their skills in the industries critical to the state's prosperity.  Texas' success depends on having an eduated workforce able to compete for the jobs of today -- and tomorrow.