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Math Pathways Awards

Math Pathways Award Winners Announced - November 17, 2017

The Texas Association of Community Colleges and the Texas Success Center announced the selection of five 2017 Math Pathways Exemplar award winners at the 2017 Texas Pathways Institute in San Antonio on Monday, November 6.  These five institutions were chosen from a competitive field of 28 Texas community colleges considered for the distinguished recognition.

Math Pathways Exemplar awards recognize colleges that have made significant progress implementing at scale the four Math Pathways principles.  According to these principles, math pathways-based college programs should provide:

  1. Multiple pathways with relevant and challenging mathematics content aligned to specific fields of study
  2. Acceleration that allows students to complete a college-level math course more quickly than in the traditional developmental math sequence
  3. Intentional use of strategies to help studnets develop skills as learners
  4. Curriculum design and pedagogy based on proven practice

The recipients of the Math Pathways Exemplar awards are as follows:

  • Overall Exemplar – El Paso Community College (El Paso, Texas)
  • Principle 1 – Trinity Valley Community College (Athens, Texas)
  • Principle 2 – San Jacinto College District (Pasadena, Texas)
  • Principle 3 – Victoria College (Victoria, Texas)
  • Principle 4 – Houston Community College (Houston, Texas)

“We received very competitive applications for the awards from community colleges across the state,” said Dr. Cynthia Ferrell, executive director of the Texas Success Center. “We were very impressed by the applications from these five colleges, and their efforts to address the way students experience higher education in Texas. We look forward to seeing how their work inspires and influences other colleges.”

Mathematics pathways are a rapidly-growing national movement in colleges and universities to align math courses more closely to students’ intended major and career interests. Research strongly indicates that misaligned and lengthy math course sequences are a leading barrier to students completing college and beginning their careers as prepared workers. Texas colleges and universities have been working on implementing math pathways with the coordination of TACC, TSC, and the Dana Center.

“Texas community colleges are among the vanguard in a movement to redesign the way higher education serves the needs of students,” said Dr. Martha Ellis, director of higher education strategy, policy, and services at the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin. “Mathematics pathways are a critical element in preparing students to obtain their career goals and empower their future economic mobility. We celebrate the accomplishments of these colleges."

For more information, please contact:
Erich Pelletier
Communications Coordinator, The Charles A. Dana Center The University of Texas at Austin

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2017 Math Pathways Exemplar Awards Rubric

El Paso Community College

Overall Exemplar

EPCC Awards Presentation EPCC Balloons

Trinity Valley Community College

Principle 1 Exemplar

Trinity  Valley Award Presentation Trinity Valley Balloons

San Jacinto College District

Principle 2 Exemplar

SJCD Award Presentation SJCD Award Balloons

Victoria College

Principle 3 Exemplar

Victoria College Award Presentation Victoria College Balloons

Houston Community College

Principle 4 Exemplar

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