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NEW:  HB 5 College Prep Course Frameworks, FAQ, and Sample MOUs! 

The House Bill 5 College Preparatory course frameworks in English and mathematics are the result of a collaborative process organized by the Texas Success Center (TSC) at the Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC).  This work is guided by a steering committee comprised of educational leaders, community organizations, and regional entities that helps to oversee the framework development process and provide guidance and recommendations for the implementation of these courses.

The TSC recommends that school districts and institutions of higher education use these frameworks in the development of college preparatory courses, as they are aligned with college readiness expectations.  Updated:  08/20/2014


HB 5 College Readiness Preparation Course Framework – Math

HB 5 College Readiness Preparation Course Framework – English

HB 5 College Preparatory Course - Frequently Asked Questions (TSC Version)

HB 5 Sample MOUs between ISD and Institutions of Higher Education(s) regarding College Prep Course:

For more information please contact Angela Pena, Assistant Director, Texas Success Center, at apena@tacc.org or by telephone at (512) 476-2572 x 207.

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