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004-15 Nursing Education Supplies and Equipment

Page under construction.  Please contact coberrender@tacc.org for available contract award information in the interim.

Legal Notice

RFP 004-15

Planholders List

Award Memo

Awarded Contractors:

Pocket Nurse                        Monaca, PA          Aaron Vicari        (800) 225-1600  avicari@pocketnurse.com

Medline Industries, Inc.          Mundelein, IL        Gale Brauchie    (918) 284-1081  gbrauchie@medline.com

School Health Corporation      Hanover Park, IL    Andrew Wlezen    (806) 323-5465  bids@schoolhealth.com

Global Surgical Instruments    Overland Park, KS  Dennis JoRay      (913) 575-2514  dennis.joray@globalsurgicalinstruments.com

Evergreen Medical, LLC          Lee's Summit, MO    Dennis JoRay      (915) 575-2514    dennis@evergreenmed.com


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