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017-15 Travel Agency Services


This is an online travel agency service. Their hotel group rates are the lowest available.

Hotelplanner.com can provide the following:

  • Hotel Rooms
  • Airfare
  • Rental Car
  • Charter Buses
  • Conference Facilities

Group rates are available for 5+ rooms.

Individual rates are for less than 5.  The pricing is available for both government and personal travel needs.

Each member can have its own web portal to access the site if it desires.

Each member should contact the hotelplanner.com representative initially to obtain an overview of obtaining the most value from the program.

Contact Joe Strac to set up your account:

Joe Strac

Vice President of Collegiate & University Travel

800-898-1347 x175



· No fees to end user
· No volume or revenue minimums to meet
· P-Cards –  credit cards and Purchase Orders accepted