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025-14 Prime Electrical Contractor Services

Contract Information

Term:  March 6, 2015 - March 5, 2016 with automatic annual renewals through March 5, 2020

Awarded Vendor #1:    XR Electrical Systems - El Paso, TX             

Region:                      El Paso area only

Items awarded:          Labor & Materials

Vendor Contact Information

                  Name:                    Robert Portillo, Jr.

                  Phone:                    (915) 525-8887

                  Email:                      xrelectricalsys@aol.com

Catalog Website:              None

Copy of Executed Contract

Awarded Vendor #2: Environmental Lighting Service, LLC - Arlington, TX

Region: Tyler, Paris, Mount Pleasant, Carthage, Kilgore, Lufkin areas only

Items awarded: Labor & Materials

Vendor Contact Information

Name: Jarad Bailey

Phone: (800) 940-5448

Email: jarad.bailey@elslight.com

Catalog Website: www.elslight.com

Copy of Executed Contract

Important Notes: Member shall consult vendor contact to obtain user access to catalog or obtain quote.

Member must place order directly with vendor contact.

Please email a confirmation copy of all member purchase orders issued to the vendor to the TCCCPN at coberrender@tacc.org

Legal Notice

RFP 025-14

Planholders List 025-14