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2010 Economic Impact Study

Moving Texas Forward: The Economic Contribution of Texas Community Colleges by M. Henry Robinson, Ph.D., Kjell A. Christophersen, Ph.D., and Timothy Nadreau, Research Economist, Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. (EMSI)

  • Executive Summary PDF
  • Main Report PDF
  • One Page Summaries
    • Student Perspective PDF
    • Business Perspective PDF
    • Taxpayer Perspective PDF
    • Social Perspective PDF
    • Overview Fact Sheet PDF
    • Social & Taxpayer Perspective PDF

Press packet: PDF
Contact Steven Johnson, TACC Associate Vice President for External Relations, 512.476.2572 for more information

Consultants for the 2010 Economic Impact Study:
Timothy Nadreau, EMSI, 208.883.3500
Hank Robison, Ph.D., EMSI, 208.883.3500

Kjell Christophersen, Ph.D., EMSI, 208.883.3500