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About the Cooperative


The Texas Association of Community Colleges originally formed a cooperative purchasing program in 2000.  In 2013, the original cooperative was replaced by the updated Texas Community College Cooperative Purchasing Network ("TCCCPN”).  The TCCCPN is available for use by all political subdivisions and non-profit agencies in the State of Texas that elect to participate through an interlocal agreement.

The operating procedures and policy meet current conditions.  All agency memberships are obtained through execution of an interlocal agreement.

Cooperative procurement solutions offer resource challenged agencies the opportunity to gain needed operating efficiencies as well as hard dollar savings. The demonstrated effectiveness of cooperative procurement to save taxpayer dollars makes it a viable alternative to conventional, independent procurement processes.

The cooperative purchasing program is a valuable tool to obtain necessary goods and services by aggregating volume, securing best pricing, and reducing administrative overhead.  Chapter 791 Government Code of the State of Texas enables TCCCPN members to use cooperative purchasing.

Vendors also benefit from this program.  Instead of participating in many bids with the various agencies, they have only one.  The time and expense of going through the competitive solicitation process for each college is avoided.

Members can use the TCCCPN for any contracts and to the degree of frequency desired.  There are no mandatory usage requirements or fee to join.

Local Vendor Participation

Local suppliers are welcome to participate in TCCCPN solicitations.  The Network encourages members to provide information to the TCCCPN on recommended local vendors so that these vendors may be invited to participate in the appropriate solicitation.  Click here for vendor information.

Financing of the Program

There is no charge to the members for participation in the program.  The Network is finance by a fee charged to each vendor awarded a contract based on the volume of purchases made by the members from those contracts.

Operational Overview

Contracts will be established through open competition as prescribed by the laws of the State of Texas.  Solicitations originated by the TCCCPN focus on goods and service needs that are unique to community colleges but are available to any public agency or non-profit in the state of Texas.

The TCCCPN will partner with participating colleges to issue solicitations containing cooperative purchasing clauses that will result in contract awards available for all TCCCPN members to utilize.

Contracts, once approved by the Texas Association of Community Colleges executive committee, will be made available to all TCCCPN members.

Purchases orders are issued to and sent directly by the member to the vendor.  A copy of the purchase order is also submitted to the Director of Cooperative Purchasing to maintain records for vendor service fees. The vendor delivers the order directly to the ordering member and then invoices the member directly.  Member pays the vendor directly.

The TCCCPN will regularly communicate information to all members on new solicitations and awarded contracts, as well as facilitate dialogue among members on new goods or service contract needs.

Cooperative Contract Administration

The TCCCPN will provide various due diligence documents for each cooperative contract award.  These include:

  • Awarded bid/proposal
  • Original solicitation
  • Solicitation tabulation or evaluation with the reason for award
  • TCCCPN master agreement
  • Contract contact information