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Lead Colleges

A "lead college" is a college that issues a solicitation that is inclusive of the cooperative participation language.

Lead Agency solicitations are prepared, solicited, and locally awarded by a member college. The member declares itself to be the lead agency and will notify the DCP of its intent to include the Network as a participant in its solicitation.  The solicitation includes “piggyback” participation language, provided by the Network, requiring the awarded contractor provide the same pricing and terms to all participants in the Network and that the vendor agrees to pay the Network service fee for all purchase orders issued against the contract. A copy of the Master Agreement is also included with the solicitation.  If the lead agency so requests, the Network may also issue a legal advertisement announcing the solicitation by the Lead Agency and will notify all vendors on its Vendors List of the solicitation and instructions on obtaining a copy.

Upon award of the solicitation by the member’s governing body, the awarded contracts will be subject to the approval of the TACC Executive Committee before they will be added to the list of awarded contracts of the Network.  Once approved, the awarded contract(s) information will be posted along with other awarded contracts on the TACC website.

Solicitations issued by a Lead Agency will be handled following that agency'si normal procedures.

To insure compliance with appropriate statutory and legal requirements, it is recommended that a lead college incorporate this appendix into its solicitations: Cooperative Purchasing Language For College Issued Solicitations