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Institute #4 FAQs

Registration and Travel

Advance Work

AEL Director List

Registration and Travel

  1. Should our team members register individually or should one person register everyone?

    After you determine the composition of your team, please have one person register everyone.
  2. I don't know whom to bring to represent Adult Education and Literacy.  Can you help?

    Please review the list of AEL directors provided by TWC.  These folks are decision-makers in your district and are best positioned to collaborate with your college on connections with Adult Education and Literacy programs.
  3. What if I need to change the people on my team?

    Please follow the instructions to modify your registration.
  4. Do I make my own hotel reservations?

    The event planner will reserve hotel rooms based on registrations.  Please do not contact the hotel directly.
  5. When is the registration deadline?

    Please register your team by March 23, earlier if possible.  You may adjust the make-up of college teams until April 3.
  6. Will the Texas Success Center pay for a hotel for me on Sunday, April 15?

    Success Center funding covers hotel stays for up to seven participants per college on Monday, April 16 and Tuesday, April 17.  If you wish to arrive early or stay late, your college is responsible for additional nights in the hotel.
  7. My college needs to be invoiced or pay with a purchase order.  How can we do that?

    Please email Johannah Hochhalter, Program Director at the Texas Success Center, at jhochhalter@tacc.org about your institution's specific needs.
  8. Is there a fee to attend pre-conference sessions?

    No, all pre-conference sessions are free to attend.
  9. If we need to delete a paid registration above the seven covered by the Texas Success Center, can we get a refund?

    We cannot issue refunds for paid registrations.  You may substitute a team member by modifying your registration.

Advance Work

Advance Work - Submission

  1. When is our advance work due?

    Advance work is due April 6.  We extended the deadline from March 30 to allow extra time for colleges to collect KPI data. 
  2. How do we turn in our advance work?

    Please submit advance work by emailing success@tacc.org

Advance Work - Webinar

  1. The recording of the webinar stops at 15 minutes.  Where is the rest?

    Dropbox displays a 15-minute preview.  To watch the entire 33 minute video, either download the file from Dropbox or view it on YouTube.

Advance Work - KPIs

  1. How do you define FTIC

    First-time-in-college (FTIC) cohort for all measures is defined as all first-time credential-seeking students, both part-time and full-time, entering each fall semester.
  2. How do you define credential-seeking students?

    We use the THECB definition of credential-seeking: Credential-seeking students are those with code of 1-earn an associate's degree, 2-earn a certificate, 3-earn credits for transfer or 6-did not respond from the student intent field on the CBM001. Those coded as 4-job skills or 5-personal enrichment are not included. Dual credit enrollment is not included. Flex-entry students are not included.

  3. How do you define underprepared students?

    An underprepared student does not meet the state standard for college readiness.  In other words, underprepared students would be referred to developmental education courses.

  4. What exactly does with dual credit and without dual credit mean?

    If students had dual credit on their transcript prior to high-school graduation, they are considered with dual credit.  Students with no dual credit are without dual credit.

  5. What do you mean by Term 1 to Term 2?

    Term 1 to Term 2 is fall to spring.  Year 1 to Year 2 is fall to fall.
  6. Where do I find disaggregated data?  Is there a report that separates the data by sex, race/ethnicity, and dual credit?  If not, can you all disaggregate the data for us?

    There is no standard report that includes all disaggregated data requested.  Institutions will need to disaggregate data internally using records in their student information systems.  The Texas Success Center does not include a research department and is unable to disaggregate college data.
  7. On the Succeed tab, I'm asked to enter 3-year transfer and graduation data up to the 2016 cohort.  The students who started in 2015 and 2016 have not been enrolled for three years yet.  What should I do?

    Please leave those cells blank.  Without three years of data, the information will not be accurate.  We have updated the KPI template to indicate those measures will be collected in the future, but not this round.
  8. I'm unclear on denominators on the disaggregated measures.  Do I use all FTIC students, or do I use students in that group?  For example, on the Enter tab, for underprepared students earning 6+ credits in the first term, is the denominator for the percentage all FTIC students, or is the denominator only underprepared students?

    For all disaggregated measures, the denominator is the number of students in that group.  So, for the specific example above, the numerator would be underprepared students who earned 6+ credits in the first term in that cohort and the denominator would be all underprepared students in that cohort.  We have updated the KPI template for clarity.
  9. Who should be in the denominator for measures related to "completed college math/English in year 1" on the ENTER tab?

    For the math and English ENTER indicators, we are looking for students who attempted and completed a college-level math/English course from all those who attempted the course.  So, the denominator = all FTIC students who attempted a college-level math/English course.

    This is different than what is on the CONNECT tab, which are all FTIC enrollees.

  10. Are you all ever going to finalize KPIs?

    We sure hope so.  Thank you for your patience.

Advance Work - Scale of Adoption Calls

  1. I'm at a cadre 1 college, and we are supposed to have calls to validate the Scale of Adoption Assessment we completed in the fall.  When will those calls take place?

    Scale of Adoption Assessment validation calls will take place in early March.  The Texas Success Center will email information about how to schedule the call.

AEL Director List

  1. The wrong person is listed on the spreadsheet as our Adult Education & Literacy Director.  Why?

    The discrepancy relates to what organization is the Texas Workforce Commission adult education and literacy grant recipient.  Your college may be a subgrantee.  The TWC does not communicate directly with subgrantees and may not have contact information for them.