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Virtual College of Texas

Members and Mission. The Virtual College of Texas is a consortium of all accredited, public Texas community and technical colleges. It includes the 50 community college districts and the four colleges of the Texas State Technical College system. The mission of VCT is to provide distance learning access to all Texans wherever they may live, regardless of geographic, distance, or time constraints. There have been more than 34,000 course enrollments through VCT since it became operational in 1998.

Making the Most of Distance Learning Resources. The basic VCT strategy is to share distance learning resources among its member colleges. This sharing makes it possible for students to enroll in a local (host) college for courses provided by other colleges throughout Texas, while receiving support services from the local institution. VCT's host-provider model leverages distance learning resources (including faculty, courses, support services, professional development, and technology) to benefit students throughout Texas no matter where they live.

Governance and Management. The Virtual College of Texas is a service of the Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC). VCT Governance rests with TACC, operating through its executive Telecommunications Committee and the TACC Distance Learning Advisory Committee (DLAC). The DLAC includes administrators of distance learning, instruction, student services, and instructional technology representing the six TACC-defined regions of Texas.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has recognized VCT with its Star Award. "Programs receiving the Coordinating Board Star Award . . . represent the best of the best in efforts to close the educational gaps that challenge our state." (Commissioner of Higher Education Don W. Brown)

For additional information, consult The Virtual College of Texas Web Site.